We provide a wide range of high-quality, professional, translating and interpreting services.



We can deal with any type of written translations 


  • technical translation
  • written translation
  • translation of financial, accounting and economic documentation
  • legal translation; translation of agreements and laws
  • translation of web-sites and software
  • medical translations
  • translation of standard documents: diplomas, passports, certificates and etc.


We offer interpreting services:


  • Consecutive and simultaneous
  • Interpreting business meetings and negotiations
  • Interpreting  telephone conversations taking place in the office
  • Accompanying delegations and individuals

An interpretation order must be made in advance (5-7 days prior to the event); will help us if ypu can provide as much information as possible.


We have special discount programme!



  • Checking the accuracy of the translation from / into foreign languages
  • Stylistic editing
  • Literary word processing


Text layout

  • The document may consist  not only of text but it can also include complex tables, formulas, graphs, charts,diagram and other elements.


Test translation



We will be glad to make a test translation for you. A test translation is necessary for every potential client to verify the quality of the translation provided by our translating agency. This translation is a professional translation (not more than one-page of text, which consists of 1800 characters with spaces). A test translation is provided for companies, which are interested in long-term cooperation or make big orders (more than 50 pages). A test translation is comlimentary.

In addition: If an order exceeds 100 EUR – your documents will be delivered in Riga free of charge.